I can not say enough good things about Dr Burdman. I had ridiculous problems with my spine and left shoulder and he helped me tremendously. He did not waste time giving me the series of “standard, assembly-line” adjustments that you get from many other chiropractors. Once he determined what needed adjusting, specific to MY spine and shoulder, that is what he addressed.
The thing I like about him is, he does NOT over-treat and keep you coming back for adjustments you don’t need. He is also a very nice person, with 20 plus years of experience and a wealth of information, who is not arrogant.
I live in Greenpoint and am willing to go to Gravesend to see him, rather than let anyone else touch my spine. Though he now also sees patients in Manhattan.

Laura Turzo
Real Estate

I injured three vertebrae in an accident three years ago. After cortisone shots and a lot of physical therapy, I was finally able to walk again. Unfortunately, the pain flared up while I was playing tennis. A friend referred me to Dr. Burdman, and at first I was reluctant to see a chiropractor, given my past injury. When the pain got worse, I decided to give it a try. In a short time, I realized that Dr. Burdman was different from other chiropractors. After my first adjustment I experienced relief for the first time in weeks. He didn’t just adjust my back, he kept in touch with me, made sure I was icing my back properly, made sure I was sleeping on the right surface, and continues to take very good care of me overall.

Adam Behar
President, Wireframe Solutions

I am 46 years old and have been to countless chiropractors over the years in an attempt to correct the back pain caused by two car accidents in my teens. Dr. Burdman was the first chiropractor to adjust my back only where I needed it, rather than adjusting me from top to bottom. After my first adjustment, I was sore for a day, and then the pain… well, it just stopped. After the second adjustment I wasn’t even sore, I was simply pain free. Dr. Burdman takes the time to understand my injury and formulate a solution unique to me, rather than simply adjust and see what happens. I recommend him whole heartedly to anyone with back pain!

Jennifer Raphael
CEO WireFrame Solutions

“Darin is an amazing doctor. He listens; and he thinks for his patients before he thinks for money in his pocket. He is extremely knowledgable and his hands are just magical. You cannot find another chiropractor better than him. I was so lucky to have him treated my back that was bothering me for 4 years. He said 3 treatments; and I was so much better after that! Don’t miss out!”

Polly Chang
Senior Vice President, Prudential Douglas Elliman, NY

“My wife was suffering from lower back and leg pains that were limiting her mobility and effecting her quality of life. She first sought help from a physician, but there was no improvement and if anything, it was getting worse. Dr. Burdman accurately diagnosed the problem and developed a treatment plan that provided some pain relief and physical improvement the same day. Although it took several weeks for complete recovery, Dr. Burdman initiated the healing process and promoted its progress for several weeks. A job well done by a caring doctor who is always there for his patients. In today’s world, a rare breed.”

Walter B.

“Dr. Burdman is a chiropractic diagnostician with an almost magical understanding of how your backbone does its job, and a simple fix-it attitude. He doesn’t automatically suggest a correction, when other chiropractors might, if an exercise that you’re willing to do for yourself will accomplish the work. I highly recommend him to you as I’ve benefited from being a client.”

M. Greaves
New York

“I would like to recommend Dr. Darin Burdman as a chiropractor. My children and I have been his patients for a few years now, and I must say he’s the best of all the chiropractors I’d gone to for either myself or my children. He doesn’t use any technological gadgets or computer scans, which are totally useless, but his own hands to correctly diagnose where in the spine the source of the problem is and with a few adjustments takes care of the problem. In addition, he is always available for any questions a patient might have and is there to help resolve the problem at hand no matter how long it takes.”

Ella M.
New York

“Dr. Burdman is an incredible chiropractor and that’s not a compliment that I give lightly nor often. Unlike some other chiropractors that I have experienced, Dr. Burdman takes careful time to examine my body to know exactly the type of care that I require that day (not merely provide a “cookie cutter” adjustment). He is perceptive, caring and possesses the knowledge and experience to provide a high level of personalized care. Beyond the adjustments, he is also inquisitive to understand my daily habits that would effect my body mechanics and provides recommendations on how I can adjust my habits (such as computer work stations or sleeping position) so that I maintain a healthy alignment between adjustments. I highly recommend Dr. Burdman for anyone in need of chiropractic care.

Ed Abel
Chief consultant, Founder Abel Business Institute