Did You Know?

TIP #1
If you have back pain, neck pain, any joint or muscle pain. Help yourself by: eating a low carb diet. Cut out all sugar and sweets, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, grains, and cereals. Take omega 3 fish oil supplements and BTW the two biggest things are stop smoking, and stop drinking alcohol. These tips will go a long way to helping you heal faster.

TIP #2
Many non-migraine headaches can be relieved with a simple glass of water. Then take another one about half an hour later. Many none severe headaches are caused by dehydration, maybe from too much sugar, salt or alcohol…a glass of water helps. Before you reach for the analgesics try a glass of water.

TIP #3
Have you ever seen coal being loaded on to a train? The train pulls up… the coal is dropped in to a big bin. If you don’t take your vitamins with a good size meal. It is like dropping the coal on the track it won’t get to its destination. You will be literally flushing your vitamins and money down the toilet…your body will eliminate the vitamins and not use them.

TIP #4
Whether you have an expensive ergonomic chair or not, The benefit is lost, if you don’t sit back in the chair and let it support your back. Maybe it is because we can’t see your computer screens? Zoom it! usually ctrl with the scroll wheel will do it, and sit up with your back against the chair. You will have a better day.

TIP #5
Did you Know? When your back hurts bed rest will make it last longer? At least 50% longer. You can lie down or sit but be sure you get up every hour or so and walk around the house, don’t do chores but moving around the house will help it heal faster.

TIP #6
Did you know? Using a back brace or corset for back pain can lead to muscle weakness, and eventually future injury. Immobilizing the back causes the muscles to atrophy from lack of use.